Website development services

There are many elements to a website, each of which needs to work as hard as possible.  So I've developed services that are specially designed to help small and medium sized businesses optimise every part of their website. 

That way, you get the most from your web development budget.



Make sure that your website says exactly what you need it to say.  Packed with punch and with grammar as it should be, good copywriting brings your website to life.

Cost: This varies dramatically, depending on the number of pages planned for your website. 

As an example, a simple five page website with Home, What We Do, About Us, Why Us and Contact pages would cost from £400+VAT.


More and more, businesses are using staff images to create a warm, appealing and very human brand.  Others want to show off their premises or their products. 

I’m married to a photographer, Geoff Steen, who specialises in photography for business.  His company, North Shore Photography, has clear, simple packages to suit businesses large and small.

Cost: From £290.