Social media management package

If you’re up and running on social media, you’ll know that it’s an on-going task to maintain your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Slideshare, Pinterest and everything else. 

Save time and focus on the rest of your business by leaving the day-to-day running of your social media accounts to me. I’m an expert in this area and I have proven results.


What is the social media management package?

Quite simply, your business probably needs to be on social media. I run your accounts so that you can spend time on your business.

The package covers whichever three media platforms you’d like it to.  The choice is entirely up to you, although when we start working together we will explore which platforms are best.  (There are certain limitations with Twitter, for example.) 

The package runs on an on-going basis, with the option for a week’s notice on either side.   We will regularly discuss what’s happening in your business so that it can be added to our social media calendar. 

The package includes:

  • Daily monitoring (each weekday) of the three platforms, including  replies to any questions, messages or comments, and any thanks required.
  • Updates to your three accounts whenever there are changes to the platform.  Examples include the introduction of Facebook’s timeline photos and when Google+ changed the size of each account’s profile picture.  Both meant that businesses had to amend their artwork and profile pictures.
  • Regular posts at a schedule to suit each platform.  For instance, Twitter requires shorter but more frequent posts than Facebook.
  • Maintenance of an ongoing social media calendar so that you have complete  visibility of what’s being posted.
  • Actively finding new people or businesses to follow and engage with, such as journalists and potential clients.

Why do you need social media management?

The very nature of social media means that  it has to be constantly fresh and updated.  After all, it looks terrible when a company’s social media lies dusty and out-of-date. 

But unless someone’s dedicated to it, it can be extremely easy to let social media platforms slide.  Running a business has a lot of demands on your time, and your main focus will often be the immediate things that will pay the bills.

It takes a lot of time and effort to stay constantly fresh, and social media only becomes worthwhile when that time and effort has been put in week after week, month after month. 


What will you get out of it?

The social media management package provides you with:

  • An expert to run your social media platforms in an engaging, professional manner which fits with your brand.
  • All updates to your accounts, as and when the platforms change, so that your online presence stays relevant.
  • A constant pair of eyes making sure that anyone who reaches out to you on social media is responded to and not ignored.
  • A monthly update of activity and results, providing you with visibility and control.

How much does it cost?

The social media management package costs:

£375 per month + VAT + any travel required (billed at 45p per mile)