Smart, practical marketing services that get the most from your budget. 


Rent an experienced marketing manager

Experienced marketing managers are expensive.   But at some point, every business needs expert help with all kinds of marketing activity. 

Borrowing a marketing manager means that your marketing budget is used wisely, without you having to hire an extra resource.

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Get your social media properly set up

You might  have heard that your business needs to be on Twitter. Or Facebook. Or LinkedIn. Or Pinterest. Or Google+.  The list goes on…

To represent your business properly, it helps to do social media properly.  After all, it’s where many potential customers may first come across you.  So where do you start?   And exactly how do you start?  That’s where the social media starter pack comes in.

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Get strong leads the modern way

Content marketing is increasingly popular.  It replaces traditional, unloved sales techniques, such as cold calling, with website content that attracts and compels new customers.

The thing is, it actually works.  It can’t replace sales techniques completely, but content marketing does help to attract website traffic, grows email newsletter lists and generates new leads.

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Get a return on your website investment

Having a website designed and launched is expensive.  So your website needs to communicate exactly what your target audience wants to hear.  

A website perfection workshop gets the most from your web design budget by getting it right from the start.

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Have an expert run your social media

If you’re up and running on social media, you’ll know that it’s an on-going task to maintain your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Slideshare, Pinterest and everything else. 

Save time and focus on the rest of your business by leaving the day-to-day running of your social media accounts to me. I’m an expert in this area and I have proven results.

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Benefit from expert help with your website

There are many elements to a website, each of which needs to work as hard as possible.  So I've developed services that are specially designed to help small and medium sized businesses optimise every part of their website. 

That way, you get the most from your web development budget.

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Grow your business by building a brand

All businesses need a brand.  It gives your customers a reason to buy from you and - crucially - prevents you having to compete on price.

A brand strategy workshop gets you completely set up with the structure and the tools you need to create a winning brand.

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Find a safe pair of hands to run a one-off project

Certain projects can be critical to the success of a company.  It may be a new product that’s a major step forward, or the launch of a new brand. 

At that point, you might need a reliable, experienced pair of hands to tackle the marketing side of your innovation.

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