Marketing project packages

Certain projects can be critical to the success of a company.  It may be a new product that’s a major step forward, or the launch of a new brand.  At that point, you might need a safe, experienced pair of hands  to tackle the marketing side of your innovation.


What is a marketing project package?

The package is for any company who needs one-off marketing help to achieve a specific goal.

This might be:

  • The launch of a new advertising or social media campaign
  • A strategic review of the business’s strategy or a change of direction
  • The introduction of a new product line
  • The development of a new brand
  • A category management or listing argument for a supermarket
  • A market research project to understand customers or users better
  • An event or exhibition
  • Launching new packaging
  • And much more...

And I can help by:

  • Creating marketing plans and budgets that dovetail with your operations or financial plans.
  • Shortlisting, briefing and working with any necessary outside agencies (such as  design or advertising agencies) to design packaging, create marketing materials, launch a website or develop an advertising campaign.
  • Carrying out market research, market analysis or competitor analysis.
  • Creating supporting documentation, sales presenters and marketing materials.
  • Investigating routes to market and creating retailer briefings.
  • Identifying customer or consumer benefits and defining a target market.
  • Creating a brand with values and personality.
  • Running social media campaigns. 
  • Anything else that a marketing manager would do!

Why do you need a marketing project package?

Some projects are critical to business performance, so real expertise is needed to give the initiative every chance of success.  The marketing project package gives you the opportunity to bring my marketing experience to your project.

That way, your marketing will be optimised and your project will have its very best chance of success. 



What will you get out of it?

The marketing project package gives you:

  • The expertise of a seasoned marketing professional.
  • The experience of someone who has launched new products, new advertising campaigns, new brands, an exhibition programme and more.
  • Input from someone who has presented new products to every major supermarket  in the UK.
  • A detailed project plan that gives you complete visibility of my activities at a critical time.



How much does it cost?

The price of this package really does vary according to the project.   Please ask me for more details.