Content marketing programme

Content marketing is the new big thing in the marketing world.  It replaces traditional sales techniques, such as cold calling, with website content that attracts and compels new customers.

The thing is, it actually works.  It can’t replace sales techniques completely, but content marketing does help to attract website traffic, grows email newsletter lists and generates new leads.


What is the content marketing programme?

Your business is able to benefit from an ongoing content marketing programme, but with me doing the work.  I will regularly produce ideas for new content topics and formats for you to choose from.

The package runs on an on-going basis, with the option for a week’s notice on either side.   You will see regular reports on activity and outcomes, and there will be regular discussions about what’s happening in your business

The package includes:

  • Regular keyword analysis to identify the  most important topics
  • A fortnightly blog post, which can then be circulated on social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn.  (The content may have to be provided by experts within your business, depending on how technical it is, and edited by me.)
  • A monthly piece of short content, such as a recipe, Slideshare presentation or video snippet. (External costs, such as photography or videography, will be extra.)
  • A keynote piece of content every three months, such as a video, an eGuide or a white paper.  (Again, your experts may have to provide information.)

Why do you need a content marketing programme?

In many industries, traditional lead generation techniques, such as cold-calling, are increasingly ineffective. Content marketing is a way to attract leads in a helpful, relevant and far more engaging way.


How much does it cost?

The content marketing programme costs £850 per month + VAT + any travel required.